"Yoga Therapy: Unlocking the Hidden Vitality"

It's widely known that Yoga can enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing, but when Yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention in the form of Yoga Therapy, it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. Yoga has long been practiced with therapeutic intentions as way of transforming both the body and the mind.

According to classical texts, most of the problems in our health come from a state of ignorance of who and what we are. By offering a vehicle for self-knowledge, yoga provides an opportunity to become acquainted with our essence, in tune with the Oracle at Delphi's command: "Know thyself." From a psychological standpoint, therapy is defined as the possibility of accessing self-knowledge that will enable us to change that what we consider dysfunctional. A number of research studies have proven the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy as developing exactly that type of awareness.

The applications of Yoga Therapy range anywhere from maintaining health, to recovering from illness - in some cases, even those considered incurable. The first stage of healing involves the movement of vital forces in the system. Practitioners of many Eastern forms of medicine believe that every illness involves a certain level of energy blockage. By promoting the flow of prana, or vital force, yoga combats those blockages, restoring the basic condition for health. Common applications for Yoga Therapy also serve structural problems such as spine misalignments or joint function. Deeper applications may even aid more intractable problems such as AIDS and cancer.

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Yoga: "A Union of body, mind and soul”

7 Day's Deep Yoga Detox

7 Days Online Deep Yoga Detox Programme will help you to flush out all the toxins which makes you feel sluggish and ill with special designed detox practices to reduce and cure All the Digestive system issues, Respiratory system issues, Migraine and good for weight loss and Anxiety.

In this 1 and half hour session, will have Detox kriyas, Detox Asanas, Detox breathing techniques and Chakra Cleansing meditation ( All 7 days Different Chakra )

To join this programme you have to fill up the assessment form

Date- 25 th May to 31 at May Morning 7.30 AM to 9 AM ( UAE time ) Energy Exchange for all 7 sessions is AED 300

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Yoga Therapy Sessions for:

Disease Cure

  • * Yoga Therapy for Depression
  • * Yoga Therapy for Anxiety
  • * Yoga Therapy for Migrane
  • * Yoga Therapy for Hypertension
  • * Yoga Therapy for Diabetes
  • * Yoga Therapy for Digestive System Troubles
  • * Yoga Therapy for Vertigo
  • * Yoga Therapy for Back Pain & Spinal Issues
  • * Yoga for Hormonal Imbalance
  • * Yoga Therapy for Asthma/Respiratory issues
  • * Yoga Therapy for Cancer
  • * Yoga Therapy for PCOD

Kids Personality Development

  • * Yoga for Special Need kids
  • * Yoga for Healthy Eyes
  • * Yoga for Focus and Immunity
  • * Yoga for Sinus, Adenoids,Tonsillitis
  • * Mindfullnes meditations for kids

Meditation Sessions

  • * Mindfulness meditation
  • * Mantra & Chakra Meditation
  • * Shakti Awakening Meditation
  • * Candle Gazing & Sound Healing
  • * Silent & Guided Meditation

Healing Sessions

  • * Pranic Healing
  • * Chakra Healing
  • * Sound Healing

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